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     The Vermont State Council has been working on this project for the last three years.  We have contacted all of the State Council's throughout the United States and Guam, PR, DC, asking them to donate a state flag from their state.  That was well received by all of the states and as of right now we have received 40 state flags not only from state councils but also from the Veterans Home in MI, from State Senators and other people as well.

     Next we approached all of the VVA Chapters, American Legions and VFW posts here in the state and asked them to sponsor a flag pole with a donation.  Not only have they done that but other private people have heard about this project and donated to it.  Other non-profit organizations have also contributed to our project.

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     On June 14th, 2001 at 2:30 PM. We had a special ceremony with our Governor Howard Dean and General Martha Rainville as our guest speakers.  We had 55 Veterans and 55 Students from our local High School working together to raise the flags.


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Please take a look at the Vermont Veterans Home.  The web site link is listed and enjoy.







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