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A Project of the Secretary of State and Vietnam Veterans of America, Vermont State Council and its eight chapters.

The Honor A Vet With Your Vote program provides Vermont citizens with the opportunity to honor those who have proudly served this country in the military by recognizing their important contributions in keeping our democracy strong and ensuring that we can cast a ballot each election day.

Honor A Vet With Your Vote on Election Day, November 2, 2004 by wearing a button to the polls declaring your appreciation for the specific contributions of a particular veteran. In addition, if you complete the Optional information section below, your responses will be preserved and may be included in upcoming publications highlighting the contribution of Vermont’s veterans.

To honor a veteran and receive your personalized button, complete this form and mail it to: Vietnam Veterans of America, Vermont State Council, 134 Beech, Bennington,  Vermont 05201

A button will be mailed directly to you prior to the November 2nd general election, so you may cast your ballot in honor of your veteran. Forms must be received by October 15th to ensure you will receive your button in time for election day.

Please Print

Your Name __________________________________________________________________________

Your Mailing Address __________________________________________________________________

 Your Phone Number/E-Mail_____________________________________________________________

On November 2, 2004, I will be Voting in honor of __________________________________________



The person I am honoring is a current or former Vermont Resident.   yes    no

Have you ever served or are you currently serving in the armed forces?    yes    no

Please send me information about Veteran’s benefits.     yes    no

Please tell us something about he person you are honoring (Conflicts in which they served, Branch of military, etc): (Attach Additional Sheets as necessary)