Vermont Veterans Benefits Program

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              HISTORY OF THE PROGRAM:     When the State Council was formed in late 1996, we set a goal of a Veterans Benefit Program here in Vermont for our Veterans to turn to for help in doing  a claim.  After two & a half years of looking  for someone to step forward to take charge of this program, Richard Reed came forward and said that he was very interested in becoming the State Service Officer.   With the help from our brothers & sisters of Massachusetts Richard went to Washington DC in June of 1999 for a week of schooling and then passed his test and was accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to take POA's.

              Next we felt that we need one more person to join Richard at the State level to work for us.   Anthony Paige, a Gulf War Veteran came forward and said that he would like to take the course and work for us.  So with the help from the chapters Anthony was sent to Washington DC in June of 2000 and again passed the course and was accredited by the VA to take claims .

              In our first full calendar year (Jan2001 to Dec 31,2001)  together Richard & Anthony have been able to get $116,864.00 in Benefit Payments on behalf of disabled Veterans in Vermont. Great job

              In our Second  full calendar year (Jan2002 to Dec 31, 2002) both of our Service Officers have a combined total for the year was $541,975.00.....  Again what a  great job they are doing for our brothers and sisters out there. 

              In our Third full calendar year (just Completed) (Jan2003 to Dec 31, 2003) we added two new service officers to program and our final report is in and our program got   $2,484,350.00 in benefits for our brothers & sisters.  Great Job. For a copy of the report contact Richard Reed or Buster Holmberg for a copy.

              Our next step was to get our chapters to find someone to become Chapter Coordinator (formly know as Chapter Service Officer).  There job would be to assist the Veteran or his or her family in starting a claim with the right paper work and forms, and with providing information and local support services not directly related to VA. Chapter Coordinators can also help Vets apply for VA Pension, Social Security and other benefits. . So on Jan 26th 2002 - six of our chapters sent people to Rutland for chapter coordinator training .   BELOW is the listing for each chapter and how to contact that person.

                                                  SPECIAL ADVISOR TO BENEFITS PROGRAM RICHARD REED


Program Director - State Service Officer

                                           AJ Paige                                                                Email -                                                                                                Daytime Phone: (W)1-603-903 1257  (C) 1-603 499 -2122 (F) 1-603-903-1256                                       

                                                                             Service Officer - State 

                                         Lori Lamoureux

     Email -


Service Officer





                                                                                           Email -                                                                                           Daytime phone:                                    Rutland, Vt. 05702                                                   Alternate phone:                                                                                                                      Fax:                   




                                  Paul Morin                                                                   Daytime Phone: 1-802-446-2906                                    493 East Road  

                                  Tinmouth, Vt. 05                                                                                                                         






                                                                       Daytime Phone: 




                                 Leonard H. Derby                                                        Email -                                   1161 Collins Road                                                        Daytime Phone: 1-802-446-2906                                   Brattleboro, Vt. 05301


                                                                                                                  CHAPTER # 926




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