To Those Who Have Served


     Vietnam Veterans of America, Bennington Chapter #601 has taken the lead roll in proposing we build a monument honoring all our local veterans of WWI, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and the GWOT.

     In the early years pre 1970 there was a wooden honor roll at the town office on south street.  But it was discovered that it was rotted out and was taken down.  Because it was during the Vietnam War no one was interested in doing another one.  In time the honor roll was lost and that is why we feel the time is now to build a new one for our local veterans.

    We have been fortunate  that Michael McDonough local Architect has donated his skills to our project.  After looking at different sites in town we chose the location of the Vermont Veterans Home and after presenting the Board of Trustee's who govern the home  with our design in Dec 2006 they gave us permission to go ahead with the project there on their land.  

    Below are pictures of the area that we will be putting the monument in and upgrading the other one.


Picture to the right is a drawing looking down from over head at the two sites that we will be upgrading. The lower one is where the Medal of Honor monument is which names all Vermont's who was given the Medal. The circle is were the fountain is now and where we will be building the memorial for the local veterans.




This picture is taken standing in front of the fountain and looking south to the Medal of Honor monument as it is now.







This picture is taken standing in front of the Medal of Honor Monument and looking toward the fountain as it is now.








This picture was taken from the parking lot looking at the Medal of Honor site. You will notice that there is no true pathway to this one and we are going to put one in that you will see in the next drawing.






This drawing show the new pattern that we will be doing. You can see a pathway to the Medal of Honor and a pathway leading from there to the Monuments that will be around the fountain.  The red area is the brick that we are now selling and have been in the banner and penny saver. You also can get the forms at Maguire's Market, Town Office, Evans News, Penny saver, BBC , VFW, Chamber , Veterans Home & the American Legion.





This is the 4 x 8 brick that you can get for $50.00 and have up to three lines of 20 characters per line counting spaces



This is the 8 x 8 brick that you can get for $100.00 and have up to six lines of 20 characters per line counting spaces.






This final drawing gives you a view again of the whole project.  The circle around the fountain will be granite block that will be 7 feet wide by 9 feet tall and it will take about 9 of these to put every ones name from Bennington, N. Bennington, and Old Bennington on it.  Also we will have a back wall of granite that will be 20 feet long  and 9 feet tall which is  pictured in the next drawing.





This drawing is taken with the thought of what you would be looking at as you walk along the pathway from the Medal of Honor to the Fountain.  Notice that we have taken the flags from the other site and put them here.



     As you have noticed we have started our fund raising campaign with the selling of the Bricks, we also are working with other groups to put on more event thru this summer. 


Lisa From the local Wal-Mart Community Relation office, presenting a check for $500.00 to the Chairman of the Bennington Veterans Honor Roll committee. We thank Wal-Mart for their continuing support of projects in our community


Many people have asked us about doing a bottle and can drop, so we contacted Willy's Market on Gage street and they said yes.  So you can drop of your bottle and can and tell them it is for the Bennington Veterans Honor Roll.  Once again we thank a community business for coming forward and support this great project for our veterans. Pictured below is Lisa Joyce of Willy's presenting our chapter with our first check of $500.00.



     On July 26th we will be putting on a Motorcycle Ride fundraiser with a picnic and  music after the ride.  For more information contact John Miner at 447-0407 or email him at

Pictured above is our newest fund raiser that we have started.  It is a Veterans' Parking sign 12" x 18" tall that we hope will take off and that business thru out Vermont will be purchasing it thru the Bennington Chamber or us. They will be available after May 20th.  You can pre-order yours today.   John Miner 447-0407 .    Look for us at the Mayfest on May 24th downtown by the four corner in that area.

Also, if you don't want to do a brick, but do wish to make a donation of money, please make your check out to Bennington Honor Roll and mail to the address listed below


 Special Notice, we have all of the names we hope for WWI, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, If you are interested in checking out the names for the above wars click on when that page comes up click on SPECIAL INTEREST , then when that page comes up scroll down to TOWN LIST and click on that and when that come up click on the war that you want to check and see if your name is there or if some one you know is there.  But we can't get the names from DOD because of the private act for any thing after those dates. We need you to tell any one that you know to send us the name and a copy of their DD214 that was  on Active duty starting in 1990 the start of the first Gulf War and ending in the fall of 1995 and who's home of record is one of the above mentioned towns..  Then we need names and DD214 of those that have served from Sept 11, 2001 until the present time, also who's home of record is one of the town's above mentioned. 

Exception to the rule, we are finding that with the National Guard Unit being called up as a unit that many of them are not from Bennington but we feel that they  went as a Bennington Unit and should be on this Honor Roll.

Also many veteran moved to Bennington and have lived here for a great number of years and feel that this is their home of record and want to be added.  We have agreed with them also and if they contact us with their information we will add their name to the Honor Roll 

Send that to Vietnam Veterans of America, Bennington Chapter #601 P. O. Box 4146, Bennington, Vermont 05201

If you have any question at all you can call me at 447-0407 or email me at


Your brother in Service

John J. Miner, President

Chapter 601