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                                  CHAPTER #1                                                            MEETING DATE: 2nd Wednesday

                                  15 Wales Street                                                       PLACE: VFW

                                  RUTLAND, VERMONT 05701                               TIME: 6:00 PM

                                  CHARTER DATE: APRIL 13, 1980                           E-Mail -

                   PRESIDENT: Andy Megrath


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                              CHAPTER #601                                                            MEETING DATE: 3RD TUESDAY

                              P.O. BOX 4146                                                            PLACE: VERMONT VETERANS HOME

                              BENNINGTON, VERMONT 05201                            TIME: 7:00 PM

                              CHARTER DATE: MARCH 19, 1992                           CONTACT:

                              PRESIDENT:      ROBERT FRITZ                                                         1-802-442-6997




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                              CHAPTER #723                                                             MEETING DATE: 2nd Tuesday

                              P.O. Box 1160                                                               PLACE: American Legion Post 67

                             CHESTER, VERMONT 05143                                       TIME: 7:00 PM

                             CHARTER DATE: MARCH 10, 1995                            CONTACT Kenneth L. Spear  

                             PRESIDENT:  Kenneth L. Spear                                    Phone  1-802-835-2856

                              email - 

                                CHAPTER 723 WEB PAGE CLICK HERE             

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ST_ALBANS_753_LOGO0001.jpg (76375 bytes)

                              CHAPTER #753                                                             MEETING DATE:3RD TUESDAY

                              P.O. BOX 965                                                                PLACE: VFW POST 758

                              SAINT ALBANS, VERMONT 05478                            TIME: 6:30 PM

                             CHARTER DATE: AUGUST 17, 1996                    CONTACT:

                             PRESIDENT: Richard Warren                              1-802-849-6650 or 363-2151

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                              CHAPTER #829                                                             MEETING DATE: 1st wed

                              P.O. BOX 64                                                                  PLACE: VFW POST 6689

                              ESSEX JUNCTION, VERMONT 05453                       TIME: 7:00 PM

                              CHARTER DATE: MAY 12, 1999                                 CONTACT: 802-985-3762

                              PRESIDENT:  PERRY MEVIN  



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                              CHAPTER #843                                                             MEETING DATE: 2ND                 THURSDAY

                              1161 COLLINS ROAD                                                  PLACE: VFW

                               BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT 05301                            TIME: 7:00 PM

                             CHARTER DATE: FEBRUARY 14, 2000                       CONTACT: LENNY DERBY

                             PRESIDENT: LENNY DERBY                                                                     1-802-368-7654                                                                                        



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                              CHAPTER #881 DISBANDED                                     MEETING DATE:

                              MAIL BOX CLOSED                                                      PLACE:

                              VERMONT                                                                      TIME:

                              CHARTER DATE:                                                           CONTACT: State Council President


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                             CHAPTER   #926                                         MEETING DATE: 4TH THURSDAY

                              P. O. BOX 386                                               PLACE:   AMERICAN LEGION - BRISTOL 

                             BRISTOL, VT 05443                                  TIME: 7PM

                             CHARTER DATE:                                         MAY 14, 2003 

                             PRESIDENT:                                                  BRAD BEDARD 1-802-453-5675    




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     Late in the 70's , Bobbie Mueller came to Vermont to meet with a group of Vietnam Veterans to talk about the need for us to join together to fight for our rights that we were not getting the support from other groups.  Bobbie and others came and met with Donnie Bodette and others from the Rutland area and talked about this idea.  Donnie and others said that Bobbie should start an organization with chapters in it.  That is how Chapter #1 came to be and have done a number of things for Veterans and their community. Donnie was elected to be not only chapter #1 first President, But also Vietnam Veterans of America First Chapter President. ( Donnie Bodette pasted away Aug 10, 1997). We miss him.

     In the early 90's, Robert Hannon from Bennington wanted to start a group, after talking with a number of veterans and having a couple of meeting about which veterans group to join, Vietnam Veterans of America was chosen. The chapter's first President was Robert Hannon and since that time we have done a lot of things in our community and in the state.

     In the middle of the 90's right after the visit of the moving wall to Bennington, Buster Holmberg & William Whitney contacted Chapter 601 to ask about starting a chapter in their home town of Chester. We sent people up to talk with them and meet with a group of veterans and because of these two veterans work their is a chapter there today. They to offer may things to their community and to the state, Buster Holmberg was elected to be the chapter's first president.

     The following year, Gary Greeno and Edward Jones of St. Albans again heard about the different chapter's in the state and wanted to know how to start a chapter in St. Albans. Again Chapter 601 sent people to St. Albans to meet with a group of veterans and because of there two veterans caring another chapter was formed. Gary Greeno was elected to be the chapter's first President.

     Early in 1999 two people from Chapter 753, Ed Jones & Ron (Tiny) White wanted to see if there was interest in starting a chapter in the Burlington, Essex Jct area and did a lot of work in putting out posters and ads and contacted the state council to come to a meeting in Essex Jct to talk with a group of Veterans. Again two veterans came forward and a new chapter was formed.  At there first election Mike Colby was elected to be their first chapter's president.

     In the Fall of 1999, Carl Greenwood a life member of chapter 601 was asked if he would see if there was interest in his home town of Brattleboro.  Carl did a lot of leg work and put out posters and set up a meeting.  Which the State Council President came to and talk again with a group of veterans about starting a chapter and because of all of Carl's work there is now a chapter there and Carl was elected to be the first chapter's president.

     In the Fall of 2000,  Ron (Tiny) White wanted to see if there was interest in starting a chapter in the Montpelier area.  Again much leg work was done by Tiny and a meeting was held at the local VFW and the State Council President came and talked with another group of Veterans out of that group Skip Thomas a at-large member came forward and said that he was very interested in getting a chapter started.  After a number of meeting, we now have our seven chapter in the state and Bob Clark was elected as the Chapter's first President.

     In the spring of 2002, Brad Bedard came forward as said that he would like to start a chapter in his home town of Bristol, Vermont and we said that we would come and help him get it started and after their first two meeting they are ready to finish up the final paper work and we should have our eigth chapter here in Vermont by Nov.  Great Work Brad Bedard and all of the other brothers who have come forward to start this chapter.


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